The Damned Land
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Burden Of Hatred
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Burden Of Hatred
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Burden Of Hatred
Burden Of Hatred
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"The Damned Land" Again you give to hopes life At birth they will be slain Forgive that I have late noticed We almost burn in chains Feelings just die, falling down Black ulcer in my tonque I ask give me chance to understand Where I was fucking wrong [Chorus: All of us here it, but we can't believe it That go our moment to end All we exist on the fucking dead planet There is a god damned land All our dreams born dead in the garbage Why we must always to kill Destruction the world you do by your hands What fucking now you can feel?] All of you are so powerless You hide in the rotten corpse You will stay in this shit to the end Can't decide that thing for you worse Dirty Rats - your new fucking nation The respect is equal to fear Now look at my world Nothing remains, except tears! [Chorus] Dream within But i have the truth See that he will tell Having looked at you You feel this god damned force But world don't be a smarter I smile for a last time You are fucking son of a bitch! [Chorus]