Will Not Wait
4:02 5 0 2 года
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Burden Of Hatred
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Burden Of Hatred
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Burden Of Hatred
Burden Of Hatred
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"Will Not Wait" I losing all that was important Desire takes over (to kill a pain) As easy something break down When keep your legs on the ground How to kill this moans in the head Only one way out - i should be dead Rotten brain want to give confession But bullet my new obsession... ...again! [Chorus: I do not intend run away No strength again forget the pain You any longer will not wait Please save me I am alone in this world I don't atone the all my faults I won't again noone disturb Forgive me] So close and so far This terrible scar (root of suffocate) But didn't warning on the life-radar All of thoughts put me in stalemate Rapidly soul rushes to the heights Found by your life (the wrong way out) How do you think, what to do to find a cure You don't see, but the remedy - only you ... ...and me! [Chorus] [Chorus]