Dead Man Has No Hatred
4:57 12 0 2 года
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Burden Of Hatred
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Burden Of Hatred
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Burden Of Hatred
Burden Of Hatred
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"Dead Man Has No Hatred" They all mourn and sorrow But put in the fate of their stories I have to take the step follow They soar in space of glory This life as offal of prisoner But this is only your war Scum from above has other plans They have time to fuck with you full [Chorus: What the fuck are you here forgot? In house of pain you look for blessing All of you just fucking sick Open the season for blood messing] With every smile, I stable become more anger You think I'm delusion Your throat will feel this slander The choice is made long ago, inscribe your lives TV news But even don't try to fuck me up I don't need excuse [Chorus] [Chorus 2: Tell me what is like to despise Continue wish death to all But I know you long ago dead, And waiting for resurrection Dead Man Has No Hatred] Take away from me your rotten fingers Don't touch the thing, you know shit Kill in yourself reason of pain Or it will make of you slain Do you think that you protect In the world of blind At sight of dead, you feel always cold fear Better afraid alive [Chorus 2]