No Way  
4:30 6 0 1 год
Хэви-метал, Хард-рок
VK: https://vk.com/equalusion Sebastian Najder - vocals Vyacheslav "Hadfes" - guitars Leon Relentless - guitars Stephan Kobiakin - keyboard Mikhail Myshalov (Nosorog Rec) - mixing, mastering Igor Kryzhko - cover design assistance.
No Way (Single)
How does it feel To be alive but never sense it To stop the wheel Of progress to rotate it back All that you need Is to fuck up the place you rot in I'll never be A part of your revolting show I'll never feel a wish to see this world through the eyes of yours You better stay away from me, I don't need to hear your words I'll never want you to decide what I should do to feel alright Why don't you go to hell, it's time for you to step aside I won't join your selfish crowd Spread your shit without me If you're here to fuck around, Don't be sure that one day you will get Another chance to live the life You tend to waste and throw away Keep drowning in your empty strife I'm not a part of that, no way Behind the wall Of so-called joys you try to feel good Nothing at all Can satisfy your trite desires Out of control Your mind makes thoughts you have to fulfill What is your goal For which you sacrifice your life Fuck yourself, it should be over I am tired of you and your ideas Don't waste my time, it's over I don't want to drown in your abyss