DOMINICRIDAH - Space (Prod. by Skytrick)
3:21 11 0 2 года
R&B, Рэп
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DOMINICRIDAH - Love Is The Root Of Happiness (EP 2016). Tracklist: 01. Fly With Me (Prod. by V-Sine Beatz) 02. Space (Prod. by Skytrick) 03. Around Our Planet (Prod. by Frontum) 04. Green Eyes (Prod. by Frontum) 05. Stay Alone (Prod. by TAYSER) Bonus: TAYSER x DOMINICRIDAH - Let Me Be Myself (Skytrick Remix) TAYSER x DOMINICRIDAH - Let Me Be Myself (Ston Heng Remix). Contacts: https://www.facebook.com/ArkhangelskyAlexander https://soundcloud.com/dominicridah https://www.instagram.com/dominicridah/ https://twitter.com/dominicridah http://promodj.com/dominicridah http://vk.com/dominicridah https://vk.com/dominicridahrap https://www.realmusic.ru/dominicridah/
Verse1: I wanna wake up and see your eyes all day oh damn, I'm so wrong and so bad, it's ma role. Stay with me ...... all my life You are so hot my pretty wife We make noise, when we are in the building I wanna stay with you, and keep your feeling. My homies say to me: You have a nice lady. I know my price baby, I need an advice many thoughts are in my mind about you. You are so cute and really good. When we are at home and hugging each other I wanna make a baby and be a good father. And be the best husband, to you ma darling I'm making my own film, You are starring. My soul is open to you, My heart is in your hands Your kiss is so tender, You are my sense. Hook: Say to me right now How you love me, It's so hot. When you with me, I feel love You are my space, I'm flying in love. Verse2: I wanna put a ring on your finger Give me your feelings, emotions, fidelity, baby I need dat. You know what I feel erry minute You know my senses, I give it to you and I wanna say to you how I love. I'm not alone anymore, I'm with you You are my future, darling thank you. for all what you did for me and our love You are my queen, my beauty dove. Erry day when I'm alone, I think about you my space I wanna fly with you for life. You are a part of me, you give sense to my life and don't cry, forgive me and my mistakes. I love you so hard, you love me too my TAYS.. I wanna fly with you all life Forgive me all and don't cry I will reach to the stars for you My queen I love you. Hook: Say to me right now How you love me, It's so hot. When you with me, I feel love You are my space, I'm flying in love.