I Forbid (master)
2:38 109 0 2 года
Чилаут, Легкий джаз
Над треком работали
Яна Зотова, Настя Зотова, Владимир Крыков, Ашот Геворкян
Автор музыки
Яна Зотова
Автор текста
Яна Зотова
Яна Зотова
You always say it will be alright always ask me to wait for you always tell me some clever rhymes You said you'll be home tonight You said: "Baby, give me green light" I heard that from you a thousand times You always promise but never come Whatever you say no change is done So I have made up my mind It's enough! I'm tired of... It's enough!!! It's enough! Don't say a word! It's enough! I got to Break through these 20 longest years of plenty lo-o-onely nights! If I'd believe you once more, if I'd go open the door I know for sure what would happen then You wouldn't come, you wouldn't call, so my heart will slowly fall & you would break it again! so I forbid myself waiting!!! I forbid!!! I forbid myself dreaming!!! I forbid waiting for you...