No Alternative
6:47 12 0 1 год
Автор музыки
Роман Т.
Автор текста
Роман Т.
Praecox Feeling
Ain't no alternative You got to me Just open up your eyes, It's plain to see It's easy for you To find another man But in a day it'll be The same again I've never failed you I've always kept my word And only by me You always could be heard Whatever happens You know, I'll tolerate I'm the last man you can love and hate I am the one Who is agree to bear I am the one Who really wants to care I'm not the only one, who saw you in this state But no one else will ever share your pain It's not so easy To throw me away It's not so safely For you to go this way I'm not that kind Of men you've seen before Look out, girl, cause I've got something more Oh, baby, don't You overrate yourself You just can't live Without someone's help The time was past When you could pick and choose You have the future which you're gonna lose Oh, baby you are sawing off the bough On which you're sitting And no words are enough To describe the way you break your own life The only chance for you is to be mine Your price's declining Your life is going down The time is coming when no one is around You don't think about it,but someday You'll get it right, but it will be too late