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Lit Roads
As it grows dark and the streets get cold It all happens so The way you told, the way you wrote A midnight walk in this frosty air In solitude with thoughts of you 'Cause I still care But they say let it go And if it's yours It's gonna come back And probably make it worse So please don't Chorus: Will I always and forever Feel like I'm running out of time? Commiserating lost endeavors Missing things that could be mine The morning sun with its rays on me Still I repent, still I believe Now I'm somebody else and you're not here It seems I just won't let you disappear I know it's just me And these thoughts I breed I'm constantly chasing things I don't need Chorus. I'm one of those who can never stop Overwhelmed by the demons I keep feeding And the thoughts of the things I've lost Such as you Although it's been a long time by now You're still around I stare at the clock And I hate every tick it makes Chorus. Will I always and forever Commiserate my lost endeavors? Missing things that could be mine