The Predatoress
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Готик-рок, Инди-электроника, Эмбиент
Автор музыки
Роман Т.
Автор текста
Роман Т.
Praecox Feeling
O, predatoress Your tiger glance Can hypnotize The hearts of men They cannot breathe You leave no choice Blood on your teeth Steel in your voice Your paws are strong Your claws are sharp Your rage has grown You're making jump You want my flesh You want my blood You see the prey You can not stop O, mistress, why D' you blow my mind Just take your hands Off me, cause I... Don't wanna fall Don't wanna crawl Don't wanna lose my only soul You'll have to get If you're not blind There are some thoughts Inside my mind There are some words That I can't say: Adopt the rules Or go away