Righteous (праведный)
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Ob Ukraiinskom krizise; Priglashaiu rapperof, na pervuiu polovinu treka, napisat' slova)).
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Gatineau, QC, CA
GangLand Production
These bullets are my words And these thoughts are my A.K Bodies on the curb, righteous kill I take 'em all away Yugoslavian mayday was the day they made me Macedonian retaliator hey x2 you hear people crying jumping out burning windows dying and the yellow blue are smiling firing on survivors admiring their suppliers who forgot to mention it in the news you motherfuckin liars sixty years theyre been growing noncompliant why? its beyond a science trying like Judas to cruise with tyrants they start a riot burning down the writers insuring that theyre silent and now you call us violent they think theyre righteous leaving children lifeless theyre a villain virus bias will guide us farthest i said bias will guide us farthest so let it drive us pious they will never get by us fuck this ukrainian crisis i said fuck this ukrainian crisis and your alliance and neonazists monopolizing defiance call all the rising messiahs and mayan friends to start this from the lions den with gaias kin beside us to finally begin the arrival of the king pilot spiraling their sin back to them with all my yin while it turns into yang for a certain type of bang from orthodoxic languages owning all the bastard kids if only half of them spoke before they slammed us in their laughable sanctions tapping out tantrums casting out their phantoms passive to the nazists blasting at my land and shit why you gotta plan that shit giants they had been my kin license to kill is still a white blood cells will righteous tilts can spill for the billions under genghis khans living heir the prince of said Ukraine, Yuris lair, for an american crisis call me righteous