How Could You
3:08 30 0 1 год
R&B, Соул
Над треком работали
ЯНа Зотова, Игорь Жигунов
Автор музыки
Яна Зотова
Автор текста
Яна Зотова
Яна Зотова
сингл "How Could You"
студия Игоря Жигунова
Is it so much fun for you to see me crying Or are you making a fool of me? Why do I believe in you & keep on trying to see things the way thay can not be Why do I keep on loving you? Why do I refuse to see the tuth? Why do i? How could that happen to me? It is not the game of chess it is our lifetime We make decisions we might regret You've made your choice - this woman is your wife now Why do you keep watching me ev'ry day? Did you know it would break my heart? Does that mean you lied from the start? How could you? How could you do this to me? In my imagination you were so perfect But through the years you have changed alot We came to a situation that I love a person That person does not exist anymore does not exist anymore Nothing to feel sorry for