02 Three Quarters of Four
2:19 11 0 1 год
Краткое описание
песня о споре рок-н-рольщика с богами, которые пытаются убедить его, что ритм рок-н-ролла разрушает вселенную
Хард-рок, Рок-н-ролл
Над треком работали
Dmitry Zubritsky, Акоп Огмрцян, Карен Степанян, Татьяна Солоп, Андрей Степанов, Николай Филиппов
Автор музыки
Dmitry Zubritsky
Автор текста
Dmitry Zubritsky
История создания
Представители эзотерического движения меня в самом деле пытались убедить в том, что рок музыка несёт разрушительные энергии и что лучше перестать её играть. Мне даже передавали личную просьбу... Будды об этом:) Но я всё равно не послушался;)
cab [22]
I had weekend, Some free time to spend Doing nothing at all, Wasting time in the web. Having opened my wall I was a little shocked. There was a video with a priest and his flock. He was telling something Bad About Rock’N’Roll! He was sinning something Black About Rock’N’Roll! He was crying something Mad About Rock’N’Roll! Being full of hate to Those About Rock’N’Roll! I put on my jacket with a rock’n’roll band. I’m a rock’n’roll singer and I’m gonna defend. I knew a clairvoyant. I’ve got a question to ask. She was on good terms with all famous gods. “Why do the gods ban People playing Rock’N’Roll? ” “Why do the gods ban People listening Rock’N’Roll? ” “Why do the gods ban People dancing Rock’N’Roll? ” “Why do the gods ban? May be they are afraid? Of Rock’N’Roll? Yeah! May be they are afraid of Rock’N’Roll?! Don’t you know, clever clairvoyant? ” She had a long session Of mental conversation With gods. When she came back down, She passed me Their warm regards. They gave me the answer I was surprised to hear. The reason of the ban Was a Rock’N’Roll beat. “It has wrong numbers: three quarters of four. That’s bad for our Universe! It can be destroyed!” “So, what about our heart?” I couldn’t agree! “D’you know how many quarters are there in its beat?” "No" “There’s Only THREE…»