05 Criminal Guy 13
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Краткое описание
непослушным тинэйджерам посвящается...
Хард-рок, Рок-н-ролл
Над треком работали
Dmitry Zubritsky, Акоп Огмрцян, Карен Степанян, Татьяна Солоп, Андрей Степанов, Николай Филиппов
Автор музыки
Dmitry Zubritsky
Автор текста
Dmitry Zubritsky
Крайне проблемный подросток заканчивает свою никчёмную жизнь в 13 лет на электрическом стуле
История создания
Работа в школе оказала своё влияние на творчество)
cab [22]
Criminal Guy of 13 1st verse Hey! Hah, Hah! Yeah! It was the greatest punishment in the town that year. And he got his electric chair. He was a big fellow though he was only thirteen, Tall ‘n strong, damn it, tall ‘n strong more than enough for his age. Every school-child knew him and preferred to stay away. Girls hated him And the boys, who were brave enough, got a kick in their teeth. Because that guy of thirteen was a young criminal. Hoh! 2st verse Hey! Fellow, what do you do?! Leave this kid. He has nothing for you! He’s fat ‘n blind and he is too kind to kick your ass. Stop bring him to the stress! And give back that crying girl her shoes ‘n dress. You’re an evil pest. All your deeds are mess. Is it a fun when a cripple falls down? 3d verse Hey, you, bastard! Stop your crime! Soon it will be late so you’re wasting your time The time you could spend on learning at school The time you could get good friends. Don’t be a fool! Better look around and see what you have done. Your dad is dead ‘n your mum has gone. Everyone wants that you to die. Wake up your conscience, guy. Ask God for a Piece of mind. Or you’ll be left behind. 4d verse There's no sense to do anything that can help him He's degenerating. He can hear neither his teachers at school, nor his old granny at home. Alcohol and drugs are the main priority of his ugly life. Abuse and jibe over all weak people, No respect and no compassion to anyone... 5th verse Look people all around! Who’s guilty in such down of young society ‘n its brutality? Who’ll stop the violence? Who’ll stop the terrorism? Who’ll save the human-race? Ain’t our children will?