08 Will You Marry Me
4:46 20 0 1 год
Краткое описание
о сложностях отношений между мужчиной и женщиной
Хард-рок, Рок-н-ролл
Над треком работали
Dmitry Zubritsky, Акоп Огмрцян, Карен Степанян, Татьяна Солоп, Андрей Степанов, Николай Филиппов
Автор музыки
Dmitry Zubritsky
Автор текста
Dmitry Zubritsky
симпатия, романтика, брак... о банальном, в общем;)
История создания
на лету;)
cab [22]
Love! That is Love! Babe I wanna be in your heart. Yeah, I really wanna get inside. Babe, My mind is breaking apart. I can’t gather it back. Babe, My soul is crying for you. Oh, with big tears, like crocodile does. Babe, You make me crazy. It’s true. And I’m gonna be mad one day! Baby, I dream about you every day. I cannot sleep; I cannot eat, oh, Baby, Why don’t you wanna be my lady? Oh, Baby, please! I’m begging you… Bridge: I bought a wonderful rose. I thought she’d give me a kiss. How was I know that the rose Would make her terribly sneeze. The 2nd verse: Hey, You, baby! Pay attention on me. I’ve been waiting too long. I’ve got a bruise on my knee. I have bought up all the flowers And the chocolates around. And every girl in our town Has bought a gun to shoot you down. The chorus: Will you marry? Will you marry? Will you marry? Will you marry me? The 3d verse: Hey, You, baby! Pay attention on me. I’m like a cat under your window Madly crying in spring. I’m devoted like a dog Lying under your door. Want you ask yourself a question? What‘s he doing it for? The chorus: Will you marry? Will you marry? Will you marry? Will you marry me? X2 The bridge verse: We’ll have a life Full of interesting things. I’ll be lying on the sofa Sending you for drinks, Watching football all the day, Smoking just in bed, Eating burgers with beer, Until I become fat. You’ll be cleaning our flat, Washing dishes and clobbers, Staying near the stove. Cooking something to scoff. Begging me to find a job And make a baby at last. But you won’t get any answer, Just a big lazy burp. Oh! Last verse: Young ladies, looking forward To get marriage Be careful Be careful Looking out for your prince, wildly open your eyes Be careful Be careful Love in marriage is a different thing Be careful Be careful Think a lot before you put on a ring And be ready Be ready