Miss You Much (bonus)
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Miss You Much I Comes a cry from outer soul yearning silently a peace, Get to know you dream of me, of tenderness. Every whiff of the time mists swirls the shapes of memories, And the eons of the past – for good they last. Ch 1 But I miss you much and beyond the truth I'm fleeing but to you. From my spirit Self wolfs are raising heads in the howling of the moon. II Almost venture but retreat, chances're splitted at my feet, See you yonder in my life, I'm still in here... Winds dispelling most of warmth with the breaths of destiny, Hands are quivering alas in serene prayer. Ch 1 Br So many falls, which overnight 've been past, are still alive, are still again of us. So much to say if you just come awhile to sit aside but hearing this song thus. Ch 1 (2) And I miss you much!..