A Ghost Of The Past
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A Ghost Ot The Past I Go upstairs, moisture smells, Squeaks the door like a bat's screech. Old house of yours, the friends make jokes But someone looks from top as witch. I've known you here for ages long, with mates but you're alone I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for steps of yours to be out there, For you to be aware of slight dreams, of faint dreams. Refrain: I scare the others but i'm calling you, If you skip then everything is screwed. See me soar and kiss the world goodbye, These are bonds but not the misty guile. II The pipe is large, the wedding's March Has brought you birth of not my twins. The next moon I came with gloom: I took his love by crucial means. Refrain repeats. In your last dreaming you walked at my screaming And cautiously knocked on my door. Hush's only carried, crows left the garret, You got that i'm waiting no more. He got that the ghost was one that he most Was fond of in his last lifetime. Forgive one another, he told her: “Don't bother”, (And showed her to light from the grime. (2)