A Druid's Finder
6:47 2 0 11 месяцев
Авторская песня, Инди-рок, Инди-электроника
Пасть Ехидны
A Druid's Finder I Over fields and lakes and hills's coming soon a needed answer, Makes me feeling like I'm gone all alone in a fierce storm. In the forest, in the silence I walk to seek the door to knock. Heard a story of the ones who reign so tenderly the nature, Want to get before their feet with my broken-hearted plead. Thro the pouring, thro the glowing charades are losing their shades. Bridge 1 Beyond all beliefs you walk thro my dreams, And called by the old “The Green Prince”. See inside the nature A Druid's Finder! II Wounding sighs and craving heart quietly head for brilliant wonder, Help me up when I am down, from the mud I'll fetch the crown. Know you're waiting not for trading: I walk to make my Cry unlock. Ancient Oak and slender Birch watch me taking an endeavor, To the very my last step I shall fight the mean-less snap. Hidden singing I'm almost hearing, I walk to make my Love unlock. Bridge 1 repeats. Bridge 2 I'm flickering in the nature mirrors. Life's sneaking in in the heart to lead us. Go, go! And see thru me! (2) I'm burning off, just dispelling out! Seekers don't keep off no more from the count: two..one... and see thru me! (2)