Try to Forgive
3:36 1 0 1 год
Авторская песня
Try To Forgive 1 I'm scarcely aware of bitterness, The tortures of the Earth are never less. Trying to forgive and understand what's “I'm loving you”, Unless a man believes a silent heart ever couldn't do. Refrain: I'm gonna bring you up into the light And listen to the world that is crying forever and no more. And never-changing thoughts unbreak awile To make the coals aglow lighting the way to peace's common door for us. 1 Hasn't he resigned in wilderness, The years could gave made toy fearless. Trying to forgive and understand he whispers prayers alas. The way from Hades is tough enough but in the end he gets. Refrain. I'm not out there, I'm right beside you, Tell me all the words which are to ignite you, Not all the peoples're hot. I'm not out there but I stand my ground, I'm in yourself but I'm not around, Not all the peoples're hot But going to believe someday, somewhen forever.