A Random Chance
4:53 0 0 1 год
Авторская песня, Инди-рок
A Random Chance 1 When there's no place you can go, And the sun's not goin' to shine on, And you feel you're so alone, Get to know there's nothin' bad in bein' sometimes on your own. When they say you're not the same As you were when bein' on the top, Say: “It's not the same ol' day!” Seeds turned up to grow up into roses from a little drop. Ref Reach for stars, feel them brin' you light livin' on for ever. A random chance is stayin' by your side awaitin' an endeavor. Don't fear of the rain – it's just a moment's weather. Find wisdom in between withdrawin' all the credoes. 2 Though you're tryin' to think out What went wrong an' are there steps to take, Know there is no place to doubt Coz you've got the right to make mistakes before goals anyway. When the spleen o' present days Looks for jinx – you're not the prey to fall, Coz the odds are scattered everywhere, Just be keen on recognizin' with a sharp eye all the calls.