No More Money For Love
3:18 0 0 1 год
Авторская песня, Инди-рок
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No More Money For Love 1 Once I traveled thru the hotel o' love where I spent a few nights. But, as my love revealed that I'm thru with the cash, I was gone before light. I I'm on the road an' they ache – my toes, I can't let go o' everythin' she knows. I'm on the road with my sack aside, My hand is stretched to get the car to ride. The sleepless night but in the place I sought I've got no love e'en the one Ive bought. No more money for love.. 2 As a rollin' stone I can't just keep in my head the nights given to me. But I'm to travel on to find the mystic chance to get the lovin' for free. I I won't forget my dream, for free it might be seen. I No more money for love..