Nothing's Special
3:23 4 0 1 год
Авторская песня, Инди-рок, Поп-рок
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Nothing's Special 1 Always we are doing things once done, I will walk the same old way. Though I'm said to sing the songs once sung I may dance day by day I I can dance and you can Make me sing now and then, Move and clap to the sound That you hear resound. What may happen if we Make ourselves going free, Move and clap to the world Where there's no one ignored. Denying dark, denying night ain't different voices flow to light, I'm like the others almost flying, nothing's special about me. Rejoicing men, restreaming springs go like the echoes in the strings, Rains or sunning, winds or calming – nothing matters when you're free. 2 Melodies are not to fade away - They are made for further dance. People will keep on the touch and go, So will never stop romance. Boredom's silenced but the music goes Through the rhythm of our hearts. The souls are moving through the bodies' songs We may sure cease it but... I Clap to me (2) as with the world I'm singing (2) yeah! For us! Clap to me (2) as here there is no spleening (2) thus yeah! I And nothing's special about me