Ain't Pretend (to be dead)
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Ain't Pretend (to be dead) 1 Moving softly the waves of my mind, Thoughts awake, white bells make music mild. Leaving circles on water behind Like belief from a thief now I glide. Bridge 1: Sinking in the souls, sinking in the hearts of love, Seeking for the light, seeking for the bright above, Arousing in the wind(2) the cry Though we haven't try(2) to scry. Chorus: Just ain't pretend as though you're dead Cause angels we've already met 're right behind the doors, Right behind the locks, right within the cores. Ain't act like days are wasted soon, Like only once you've seen the moon, Time runs in the rounds, Guiders of the Sun – in the heart they sound. 2 Preach down treacheries of blinded ones, Break the swords, without words lay down guns. Dig out Truth, from the graves come undone And don't doubt future now has begun. Bridge 1 Chorus. Bridge 2: I'll never(2) be alone, I've tried it(2) on my own. I've risen(2) from the ash, in gong I've(2) heard the thrash. Bridge 1, Chorus, Bridge 2