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Regina Racy - Draw the line
4:27 13 0 6 месяцев
R&B, Соул, Электро-поп
Автор музыки
Regina Racy
Автор текста
Regina Racy
Regina Racy
Verse1: I thought I found my soulmate I found myself in you To be a star on your firmament I wanted And felt as our beautiful love story is true But it was fairytale not for the faint-hearted You was my dream, my heart’s desire, and my nightmare The love was pain and all at once it was so wrong And now I am telling you my dear fellow please take care Forgive you all and I am moving on. Chorus: Let me take the step away from you Give me this chance in life to start from the beginning I so want to start feeling something new I am strong i am willing... ... To forget about you Verse2: Disappointment surpasses even my detestation It hurts me everytime to think about my broken dreams I'm so tired of solving this equation These thoughts torment me When the sky appear moonbeams You are my passion, my inspiration and my dismay I'm grateful for good lesson and for bad time And now I am telling you... I'm indifferent to you. I want to say goodbye I draw the line Chorus: I took this step away from you I start my life from the beginning I will love and I will have something new I am strong. I am believing.