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It Is Too Late
5:11 82 18 12 лет
Live Demo
You hate your life, your way of thinking, Trying to leave and curse the fate. The way of hope, of lethal drinking, It’s all the same, it is too late… Returning back reminiscences, You’re really thinking: “It was great!” All what you feel are only senses, They make me glad, but it’s too late… You close your eyes and break with past, Then change the life, the friends and crate. And later change the love at last, Don’t try to try, it is too late… You want to be in the background, To keep the silence and not to slate. And at the end all you’ve found Would scare, it is too late… Sometimes you think you found solution, Forget! It’s never ultimate! The silly way of retribution Won’t save your honor, it’s too late… It is too late to do anything, To be in panic, to love and date. It’s the time of non-feasible thing It is too late, it is too late…