Too Much Gloom
3:36 32 1 12 лет
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Lenin Records
Too much gloom [Verse 1] Polluted thoughts roaring through my head I feel so sad and blue Identity of days painted on the face Of someone I knew And feelings squeezed with frame of standard words and shame For the seconds of pure affection Growing so angry of black and bitter envy To those who possess perfection [Chorus] Oh-ho-o-o-o how low we fall in aspiration to be alike Oh how they are Greek to me, painty dolls I see Tangled in the threads of candid clarity Of what they meant to be alike and what they dream about My nerves tied up in buns come shivering at once and make me scream and shout [Verse 2] Beauty wasting breath, lips spilling triteness Like same old vinyl record going round Each smile's so sugary offends so easily Their fake and shiny moral knocks me down And moment full of glee gets gloomy, suddenly It makes me feel like crawling in a ditch Up to the neck in mud and fingers smashed to blood Those things I touch become as black as pitch