A'LONE - You make me smile
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"You make me smile" listen it the best work from gbrec I recommend if u want lyrics of song write to @alone_official_ insta join to our channel on telegram t.me/aloneofficial_music
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Song about love about a person who i love
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My girlfriend was cuz to makethis song Iwrote this song for her
you make me smile you make me smile you make me smile but i dont know why When i see you i forget about all When i hug you feel like you are my soul Fall in love hard at my 17 years old Every minuts that i spend with you its a gold Everytime everywhere i think about you told you feel you know that i love you my dream starts come true i love yoy babe but i cant prove ice cream walk togather think about future life you caused to melt my heart made from the ice you beautiful like your smie our relationship goes so nice if you dont know why i love ask from your eyes i am sure that they dont lies i am ready to walk with you thousand miles if you love me i love more twice i am happy that you choos me not other guys you make me smile you make me smile you make me smile but i dont know why be my side girl be my side you make me smile but i dont know why its a love its life nothing goes straight sometimes we fall down cant find the way right night sometimes we fight but love its light that always bright we are togather kind always thank for god that find will i kiss you if dont mind you for me like a sun you for me like star you for me like my dream at night if i didnt meet i cant find every night i cant sleep think about you i think you think about me and cant sleep too see and tell everything to bright moon i think she send the text to you wait answer soon look to mirror and always see you next to me and you tell me always that you miss me want to kiss me want to hug me and you said love me