My Child
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Black metal ballade
2000 Years of Violence And Pain
Home recording
My eyes do not see virgin beauty of the night Darkness is broken with artificial light The time gives birth to any life here And without darkness here there is nothing The infinity is in that the beginning is birth, and the end is death here In this senseless circulation of time the child born by gloom and darkness is lost Where are you, my child Born in angry twilight of a burning down candle? Where is your ruthless scream In which there is passion of suffering? Where are you, my procreation? The elements of fire becomes so weak, That they lose the former shade of force and power Inducing fear on ignorant ones, liars. The tired love cut with betrayal Turns to ruthless hatred: Hatred to life, pleasure from murders Where is a war, which is waited for so long time? Rise, break and cry! You will destroy pure sanctity You will be a new god for everybody And there will be as earlier, only gloom and darkness Where're you, my child?