their secret
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Ptomaine Sweets
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Verse 1: Some hash and coke for breakfast can`t spoil this boring day Though it must be funny anyway That night they crossed the border and now they`re more then friends I feel proud of them now, what a shameful sense Helpless teenage loosers fight against their state This country is a prison and there`s no escape pre-chorus: Stupid smile on my face I don`t really feel the stress Chorus: It`s their secret locked in bathroom now They feel better when I shut my mouth Their secret is their loneliness They feel better if you`ll never guess Verse 2: And I hate these adults. Do you know what I mean? Find yourself a good job and don`t forget to breed Waiting for a wonder everytime I leave my street Sometimes I`ve got a feeling that it`s so close to me Burn down paper heroes, throw away your TV set I don`t think I`m ready but i`m not afraid pre-chorus Chorus