01. Inexpensive Pride (Part I)
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Ethereal Shade
I am a citizen of a great thing (Think!) I have all and rights and my organic law I proud of all my life as were king Just I can only buy conned food. Yah! And I disdain on you from my land Mister president shook my hand I am a famous person on plant They all envy me. Who said I can't? Letdown Fade out The management decide raise wages for me I can to buy one more conned food. Yah! And every evening I watch my TV Inexpensive beer is same good! Yeah! I have no money to pay apartment I have no money to pay my bank loan My wife's appointments with a rich friend My daughter works a call-girl. My own. Who am i kidding? That I am happy? Look at me Suppressed Where is the riding? We all are missing In this place Bad place of our disgrace I dreamed in one day In darkest monday We can to run away But chains of money Government, country Makes us to pray I sell my life just to be The gear in this brainwashing machine I isolate myself and put on a mask To make the silence cover of immortal destiny's dusk And I will looking for truth And I will make them unmask And I will seek in deep shadows That all will carress me lusk I'll try to break the machine You know, thats all will bleed in dust to dust