03. Simulation Of Life (Part III)
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Ethereal Shade
Computer game simulation Can it handle truth? Human life in reservation All worlds nations in abuse Anger suppresses hunger Live in pigwash in abyss Danger makes you wait no longer Only death will be dismiss And the water stop reflect your face Singularity of war Humanity is torn in scorn Have you forgotten what your mother looks like You forgot your face and hide in lie Spread your winds Close all doors Blacked all fears Absorb pries Thrist for knowledge Alien language Accepted challenge Looking for truth Inside your world Slaves of news Mind distorted "What is the life? Wher is a god? And what from it starts?" Twisted minds corrupted by virtual insanity Useless lifes of disapppointed humanity Sinthesized from zero byted - they binary Intellectualized by outer world's gods vapidity Homeless hearts of alien games debauchery All the world registred infine life's properties Here is no independent life of gloom prophesy Only models of binary view dead glossary "Elder gods, you're real or only imagination? Elder gods, you manage our world and these creations? Elder gods, tell me the truth of situation Our life is real or only your imagination? We create our world in its own image of reputation We create all games, created by you - it is rotation We create new lifes or not? Bullshit!? This is salvation? Tell me truth what is the real and what damnation?" "Do you really wanna know? Live your life as you were told!? All these knowledge will erase your mind Tale of life, in which believes mankind Well, listen I'll tell to you We manage actions what you do You're just character in our game Only zeros and ones, all the same You are broken program's part And you must to be restarted Brainwashing machine just made mistake There is bug or interface was break Take shotgun and stop your life Fixing bugs and you must die You'll restart your life with new clean mind You'll forget all thinks, you'll left behind" Computer game simulation He can't handle truth All their lifes in reservation He again returned to youth Living whole life with a hunger Like a pigwash in abyss All his knowledge forgot stronger And the death was just like bliss And the water will reflect your face Singularity of war The cycle was torn in scorn