05. The Chrysalis
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Ethereal Shade
Am I locked inside my head Divined by two natures? Can I ask myself for that? Where I am? Tell me the truth Am I monster? Am I freak? Perfect infect to disease Or just helpless tiny worm And I must to hurt, to squirm I beat strong about the walls May it's prison for a crime I already heard these words: "Awake, it's time!" Grossly screech in that warmest fullmoon night I beseech - it's time, set me free to light I hide outside of dark My empty soul callmark You want look from within Don't be scared - there is nothing A broken glass my life Are bleeding scars from knife Inside my world is dark And empty soul - dead's mark My flesh swell chrysalis A growing sound - heartbeat Who am I, a butterfly? Or death comes from inside? And crumbling chrysalis And cracking at the seams And dead flesh falls off There something terrible grows off The small rotten ball there Died long time ago in lair Naive soul of embryo Dreamed of may flying once You're living with your dream You know what hides within Don't wait until you die Break chrysalis and you can fly