07. Another Color Of The Skies
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Ethereal Shade
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Ethereal Shade
Ethereal Shade
"Hi, honey.. How are you? I miss you..." Coldest sun Windflows run Desert sand Here I stand Supreme mights Eagle's pride Scream your name Million miles away Priceless voice Closed to heart Storms of noice Breaks apart Left behind Part of you Red design Dreams came true without you Without you I have no tomorrow We got to breathe Forget me, have no sorrow We follow to the hollow sea We came here to seed the the future Under another skies Abandon all that torture One day to forget your eyes The whole new world in my hand Lifeless desert land Another color of the skies That never reflect your eyes Coldest sun Windflows run Desert sand Here I stand Supreme mights Lonely pride Write your name On red sand Write your name All the same... Everyday I dream of you My life anew Dreams'll not come true Another color of the sky Until the day.. The day I'll die No, no No, no No, no Oh, please, don't cry No, no No, no I will not die Holding you Dream of you Wait for you Missing you Yes, yes Yes, yes Yes, yes My dreams'll come true Yes, yes Yes, yes I will touch you Coldest sun Windflows run Desert sand Land of damned Supreme mights Planet dies Forget your name Fault and blame... "You know, here another color of the skies..."