Thy Winter Throne
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Neron, Northdark
Cerber - Hatred, Death, Intolerance
Moscow Sound
Thy Winter Throne --------------------------------------------------- Embraced in eternal frost Mighty mountains of coldness Calls thee to endless journey Summoned by winter's breathe These frosty fields of snow And seas of frozen waters Eternal life in the lifeless ice Hidden the wisdom of greatest Ice queen reigns this realm eternally In lonely majesty she sits in castle She sits on cold frozen throne The throne what now has gone Once exiled far away in the depths Now she is the queen of nothing She waits thee in misty halls of frost Perpetual life eternal cold brings She is mornfull beauty eternal freezings exists She sits on frozen throne in gloomy mist She is the mistress of eternal cold She reigns this endless world Guitar solo: 1st - Neron 2nd - D. Northdark Giants guards the gate to inferior realm Where nothing dies where life is frozen Thousands of icicles hang on the ceiling It's all awaits thee,long time you are chosen This world where snow grows eternal And time flows imperceptibly and fast The blazing in the north sky like fire Enchanting thee , exiting thy lust Surrounding the embankments of snow Winter demons drive a round dance Join to them and let this will be eternally Please the winter queen's glance