"Pucker up"
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Mike Sokolovski - музыка, Graham Henderson (Австралия) - текст
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История создания
When I composed my "Could-be-a-song" Graham Henderson suggested his lyrics to it, which fit well but I still did not felt comfortable neither with singing to it nor liked that much the song itself. And I still wanted the lyrics to come off the shelf and made a completely different backing.This piece was posted instead of "Could-be-a-song", which you may find on http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=477959&songID=3470892
"Pucker-up-song"(Graham Henderson/Mike Sokolovski) I pucker upits the only thing to do.when you get to talking.And won't shut up. I pucker upto save my ears.its the natural thing to do. Whoooo. you sure can go on.And on and on and on.I listen long as I can.Until my patience has gone. Then. I pucker up.its the natural thing to do,I pucker upThen I kiss you. So please baby.Pucker up some.'Cause here I come. Pucker up. Now wasn't that better.Than wasting time talking.Making out isWhat life is all about.Quit the quacking baby. Who cares about world affairs.Ours is the only one I care about.So. Pucker up.Yeah. Please baby.Pucker up some.'Cause here I come. Pucker up.