She needs time
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(c) Gurchenko Viktor/Bobby Dodd 2006
Viki_G home studio & Live records studio.
She Needs Time © 2005 Bobby D. She’s a high-heeled gal in low-rise jeans, Makes her living on the red light scene, A woman of pleasure barely twenty-four, She knows how to keep men coming back for more, ‘Cause she learned the game and paid her dues, Though she’s never gonna make the front page news… Yea she makes no excuses for the life she leads, Though nobody gives her what she really needs, ‘Cause the speed of life on the streets is fast, Where tomorrow feels like it’s already in the past, So she doesn’t know where she will be in a year, ‘Cause she’s seen too many women simply disappear… Chorus She’s on a road to nowhere, But doesn’t want to get there, She needs time,Time to live, Heal and forgive, Nothing worth having comes without a fight… As another day bleeds into the darkness of night, There is nothing to see when she can’t open her eyes, And no one is around to hear her tortured cries, ‘Cause the shadows are all running away from her, With the painful memories of the way things were… Battered and bruised wearing only one shoe, Well she finally knows what she’s gotta do, ‘Cause she just saw the ugliness of it all, And she’s not gonna wait for the sky to fall, So she’s escaping tragedy before all the rest, And heading down the highway going west,