Def For Your Prayers.
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Эта песня специально была нанисана СЭРом на английском языке для сборника "Metal From Russia"Звук,сведение Е.Трушин,Соло на губной гармохе Сергей /Боров/Высокосов.(Коррозия Металла).В дальнейшем к ней был написан русскоязычный текст "Кулак тебе в челюсть,топор тебе в череп"для одноимённого альбома,записанного на "ARIA-Records" в 1995 году уже в другом составе.Но,это уже другая история.
Сборник"Metal From Russia"
SNC-records 1993
Tinseltown rebels, With the Russian Vodka in your veins, Dancin’ with the devil, Wasting years for playing those wicked games. Hello, we’re gonna visit your town tonight, So hide your hearts, cause the riot won’t be quite! Refrain: We’re deaf for your prayers, We’re deaf for your prayers, We’re deaf for your prayers, Forever deaf! (2 times) Motherfuckin’ sinners With the twisted minds and loud throats. You lock up your women When the Bloodshedbastards hit the road. The hoodlum thunder breaks the bloodred skies We raise from hell to rock the paradise! Refrain My balls on fire – it drives me insane, The flame gets higher – comin’ up to my brain Still higher an’ higher – oh, I ain’t gonna stop it! My balls on fire – hell’s calling me The flame gets higher – giving me chance to get free Still higher an’ higher – I am crazy about this sheet! (1st solo – V.G., 2nd solo – A.E., 3rd solo – both) Yes, I wanna squeeze ya, Still you scream and shout in agony. Your souls belong to Jesus, But your asses just belong to me. You know, we can rock ya still ya drop, We do it well and we shall never stop. Refrain Hey, Tovarish, now you die! Even don’t try to save your ugly ass from me, you, sucker!