Isosceles Stalactites In The Teardrop's Reflection
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Intro: Limitrophe Interflow Quandary We have approached to the ultimate bound, crossed the Rubicon and destroyed all of the bridges. Humankind is now at the point of no return. New aeon hasn't come even with a strike of Longinus, and all that we have now is total repulsion of souls and dissonance of genotypes. Apocalypse is here. But not the same as that stupid preachers foretold. I was the catalysis. The great triad of Father, Son and Spirit was gathered and Complimentation has began. Every mortal has melt to liquid state and joined the ocean of protoplasm. No more individualities, no more discord. I must choose my destiny as the only god now. Must I follow all of them or create new interpretation of existence? What should I do? Then I saw myriad of holographic butterflies, they were not substance but combination of zeroes and ones. And I understood my fate. From now this world is the multilevel megastructure of steel and composite materials. We, the Silicon Creatures, Safeguards of both Netsphere and Base Reality, are the main population. And I, the Governor, will rule there for many years, till my identity will set off for eternal jorney in digital universe, and my shabby body will be placed in Converter, where cybernetic worms and saprophyte nano-machines dismantle it to elements, completing the unorganic circulation.