Rise up!
3:51 42 0 12 лет
Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
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(c) Gurchenko Viktor/Bobby Dodd 2006
Viki_G home studio
Rise Up © 2004 Bobby D. The distant toll of church bells, Echo down into my abyss, Fighting through the darkness, Piercing my imaginary bliss… As purgatory’s grip tightens, I rebel and strain my ears, My soul soaring in gentle winds, Far away from my inner fears… Chorus Rise up, rise up, Into the light above, Rise up, rise up, Lord can you help me, Rise up, rise up, Into your open arms, Rise up, rise up, Please set my spirit free, Oh Lord set my spirit free… But I was grounded by doubt, As my visions filled the skies, I couldn’t make a leap of faith, Until you listened to my cries… Chorus Now I see the coloured rainbows, I dreamt about so long ago, As I soar across the horizon, More alive than you’ll ever know…