Scaffold Of Times
5:10 27 5 12 лет
Ages are slowly passing away, Ancient mysteries arise from the grave. Creatures of darkness, creatures of light Bound together by spell of the night. Decapitated on Scaffold of Times, All our Truths interfuse with the lies. Degeneration of the fifth human race - Eternal process blessed by Satanic grace. Stay in fright... Burning sight... It's your obsession! They are here, in your mind - Accursed sixth nation. Terrifying beasts - procreations of malice Obsess the thoughts, rule the final Earth crisis. Era of Jesus will end in one day, Tomorrow's sunrise will bring the last sun ray. They born from stones, from the old ruins and air. Where they can go, no one tries to dare. We can't escape, can't avoid their arrival - Scaffold of Times won't admin our survival. See them cast ancient runes That call the demons... See them take all you loved And bring to Scaffold... of Times.