I Miss You
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music, lyrics & arrangements by Steve McNight, produced by Alexey A. Anikin. ©2006
RomanticS - Studio
Oh, it’s the same stars And it’s the same moon But why does it hurt my heart? Why am I feeling blue? Baby you have to go I’m feeling like a fool You cannot hear my call We cannot break the rules I miss you, we talked for a minute I miss you, it’s all that I’m feeling And now I dream of the time You will be mine I miss you, it seems like I’m dyin’ I miss you, oh, baby, I’m cryin’ And I know the time is right… You’re on my mind... Oh, colors fade to grey The dark has killed the light Baby you’re far away And I cannot hold you tight I’m feeling like a broken toy When the game has come to an end There is all that we can destroy, And there’s nothing that we can mend…