Go as you please (old live-demo version, 2006)
3:25 15 2 12 лет
Artel studio
"Go as you please" This world is too small for me… I look at the heaven; my spaceship is going to come to take me away from here! I’ll go to the stars and desert planets, because my imagination has no limits! This night I walk alone! Some people ever tell me that my heart has made of stone, But what ever happen, I’ll never be fine… You’ve got to let me go! You just take my time! This is story of my life… I grew up with no father… How do you think I must survive, if we still can’t talk to each other? Day by day I get older. Nobody knows what is on my shoulder… At this moment I look like teenager! I’m not going to be your friend, because I hate you! People talk about me,-“this guy is strange. Everything I live for is revenge.” They don’t know who I am… Now you know this! So why do you trust them?