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Reduction Time
4:19 24 0 11 лет
Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
More Than Just
Sound Age Productions
My eyes still could not deny Everything does make me blind At this place I step over the line I stay without moving waiting for reply Twisted inside I can’t bear this pain Would you help if you don’t know my name? Temptation to breathe some new air I’m tending to get it into … The Whole life is seen through red eyes Memories that are only mine I’ve tried but it took so much time It’s a period of reduction time [Chorus] I’m getting cold and standing (on my) knees This wild world runs deep beneath But I'm climbing up high They don’t care that I’m dying (I don’t care that I'm dying) It seems that I'm in a fix Told that I'm an acid head I am out of surrounding freaks Maybe I have smoked my fate Mind is broken; just a piece of cake D’ya understand? A boring world is fake There is nothing that we wanna take But what is it? It feels like a shake... I'm tied and look like shit What day is it now? I need a dose and this is it To live again somehow.