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Corbus Albus
Demo Version
RUN All that you’ve made – my world destruction You wanna live like a ‘Forest Gump’ action You try to think that you woke me up From a miserable dream but I gonna stop You shut up and please go away O.K. I leave but you can stay With you baster now I have nothing to talk I’m tired of you; you treat like an oak I wanna run from you run like a hell Run up to the road as fast as I can Run to that side where eyes lookin’ to Thro’ crackles of way what I have to do I turn over the corner you’re on my way I turn myself back you are again Run fast as I could you going slow near To that side of the earth f*ck you are here I run I run I have forces no more I’m crawling you fly over my core I cry out of pain you just look at my gains Please go away, I’m shouting again