Star Of Dark Light
4:42 14 0 12 лет
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Сергей Фомин, Игорь Лапин
FFF Rec.
In an endless wood of illusions You've found something greater than silmarill You must open eyes among night confusions Also has seen light of invisible thrill. And chapel of evol will broken It's just we really seems. And happy years certainly will gone. A future fight arise you dreams... The little star gives you a power For holy war darkkilling fight. The darkness may be defeat only star-shower. So you got beam star of dark light. And you don't trust old fairy tales, They only poison for your little mind. You know - the battle close when sing nightingales And you'll obliged in it to gain soulfree. The chapel of evol has broken It's just you really seems. And happy years certainly has come - An endless fight follow your dreams...