No connection
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Полушуточная песенка с горьким сорказмом по поводу отсутствия взаимопонимания в глобальном смысле этого слова..
История создания
Summer days
asrc rec.
1. I play in front of ordinary band With the brand new image and the wild new brand Ready to stand with adjusted guitars At the point of the flight The words are clean the voice is loud I’m only singing no need to shout Like a fish in the water At the speed of sound Br. Say what do you want Talk if you can My lips are moving but you don’t understand 2. I met an ordinary girl last month We were compatible like a hand and glove Ready to be every single day At the point of the love I was so happy I forgot anything But suddenly cold wave ran through my skin I said: I love you She said: good luck! Br. Ask me again Say what do you mean Your lips are moving I don’t hear anything Ch. There’s no recall There is no connection The meaning of my words you don’t understand And now I’m singing without inspiration And feels like a fool in front of the band