03-In love with a dream - The blindness
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Withering hope (Demo)
In love with a dream The blindness Left alone… lost… forgotten… Bitter tears of the dreamer that was young inspired him to paint The more he painted the less he cried The lightweight brush in dance with magic painter’s arm created beauty in his works Feeling safe from cruel world that was so wrong He tried his best to recreate its own And after several lonely years one day he drew the gorgeous maid That made his painful tears melt away It seemed to him that charming girl could see his soul She was a dream but the most believable of all He didn’t know where did she come from but knew that she won’t go away He fondly fell in love with a dream So many years have passed but he still loved her… Airily he talked to her because the girl could listen Sweetly he dreamed and in his dreams she answered him Time does not wait Crawling through the years the man grew old He did not see anyone and insensibly dropped his paints And the cruel fate appeared The light became so dark, and colors fade away He was sick he was afraid And then his eyesight was lost and darkness embraced the days He could not survive without her face Loneliness… Misery strengthened by helplessness… Agony… vulnerability… despair… Pitch-black distorted dreadful dark… The heart is enclosed in cage of chest It cries with the bitter tears of blood You can never rid yourself Of blindness that leads the heart Sorrowful face of destiny Looms in the scraps of broken dreams It crooks lacerated smile And laughs at our efforts