07-Incomplete - Victims of passion
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Withering hope (Demo)
Incomplete Victims of passion - I hope someday you’ll ask me why This cheerless light became the pain of mine And every burning flame that dwells around you Appears like splendid flower in the gloom - I hope someday I’ll disappear To be the shadow of your noble tear And every romping gust inside your white wings Is filled with echoes of my whisperings - How I needed you when I entered the gates And this peace broke into killing anguish and pain I know you’ll never dig my grave I made it in the face of heaven’s gate There is the only thing that I can ask To be with you beneath the veil of dusk - I know you’ll never understand That I’m obliged to hold the devil’s hand I burn in hell… - How I needed you when I entered the gates Heaven’s peace broke into killing anguish and pain Hope lost its way I saw you fell No words left to say Apart we dwell She grievously tossed in scorching depths Her crying intermingled with the sinner’s weep And winds of passion raged beneath her black wings She madly craved to purify Sincerely she wanted to escape from hell The chance was given The strongest horrors she could imagine was waiting for her And only Satan saw the tortures that she passed through She ran away with eyes wide shut and suffocating She left the borders of her hell to join the light - My sorrow trickles down it runs with blood out of my wounds Where are you my beloved? I walk alone here with languor in my heart I came to you my love But he didn’t hear her He was so far away from there In the place which she escaped from He changed his substance He decided to leave the light’s assembly And join the black crowd of Satan’s servants To rage together in the dismal underworld But she was no longer there - Why did you walk away? In the cloud I see your trace The tears of autumn rain this picture will erase - Darkness lives my heart and evil abuts on my love The wings behind my back are no longer virgin pure - Hope lost its way I saw you fell No words left to say We are parted again