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World Chaos Prods. / Japan
Fire in our Hearts Music by Nikolay Kazmin, Lyrics by Alexander Marchenko The sky is scarlet as it were bleeding The wood is scarlet and splashes sparkles high The air is shivering with stamping of the hooves Imbued with the black smoke of death. Human beings, animals and birds are leaving The road of black storm-cloud, Christians. The gods are angry with uninvited guests Who brought lie with the cross to the proud nation. The calm is cut with bloody sword The country is burning What did their god bring suffer to our lands for? What did so many souls die for? The sky is throwing raindrops on the ground And washing off the gore from the faces The sword is lighter with truth The spirit is stronger with faith Our hands possess the power Our hearts have got the flame The defeat is greater than death Child’s tears hurt more than wounds The spirit is stronger with faith Our hearts have got the flame Iron peal of wrath Deafens the cry of rain The night is not as black as the sky The horses are faster than the arrows The anger is stronger than the swords The battle devours people Like a swarm of bees The heart is breathing in the heart of the forest The soul of the great Prussian land is alive Perkuno’s flame is burning lighting the way It’s burning and warming the souls of proud people Giving hope and strength for the victories, flaring, And no storm can ruin it. Perkuno’s flame is burning lighting the way. Thunder proclaims the terrible might The horses are moving back, the hands cannot hold the arms The Christ’s army feared the courage of defenders The brave warriors will never kneel.