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Собрались на квартире взяли пива и за 4 часа записали одну из компазицый известной группы "NoFx", по оценкам слушателей получилось даже клёво. Если чесно то мы сами удивились!!!!!!!! Nofx forever!!!!!!!
Кавер версия песни ~August 8th~
August 8th ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Birds sing, there's not a cloud in the sky, August 8th is a beautiful day I see a bunch of hippies crying yeah August 8th is a beautiful day Like waking up from a real bad dream, suddenly everything is ok The storm has passed, the sun is shining, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day What's goin on, what's goin on, is something bummin your scene There's something wrong, there's something wrong, I'm not trying to be mean The air is sweet, the summer flowers bloomin, nowhere in that is anything gray Feelings of joy, are filling the street, yeah August 8th beautiful day Like waking up from a fucked up dream, suddenly everything's looking good There's been no permanent damage done Yeah August 8th came right when it should Poor Jeff Poor little Timmy turtle Staying home on such a beautiful day