I've Been Waiting.
3:14 22 1 15 лет
Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
Над треком работали
Дмитрий Карякин и Владимир Карякин
Песня исполнялась на Henan TV (КНР) 14 ноября 2002 года.
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I've Been Waiting Dmitry Kariakin, Vladimir Kariakin/2002 I love your breath When you're so close I kiss your lips, You're sleeping Your whisper makes my mind so lost And I've been waiting A thousand ages For day when I'll be back You play with leaves Those drop from sky You asked me why They're falling You're trying not To fall in dreams Finally The storm can't break my life Time set me free And if I couldn't fly Left all behind The snowing blinds my eyes I found my mind Face to face with you again © 2002 Homeward - all rights reserved